TEA PARTY!!! <33

Y'all are invited to my Tea Party to discuss major topics and issues.

Come hang out, qurl talq, and express your inner soul under the

delicasies of exotic Sarasaland-imported palm trees, British-like

crumpets with glowing sprinkles obtained via murdering Lumas,

and some tea of course! <3

When~July 9, 2014 - July 11, 2014

Where~In the comments of this page

Who~Only royalties, of course!

What~To discuss important measures


  • The lovely BluePeachClone
  • The sassy GoddessRosa1ina
  • The spunky yet sexy ComeOnToadette
  • Any other servants who wish to view from the stars above
  • Michaeloll



    Peach and Daisy just LOVE guests to join them for tea! *3*


    Who will they invite to have Tea Time with next? ?_?


    The girls eating carbs! O_O uh oh!

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