The cover of Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach is the only game that Princess Peach is the main protaganist. It was made only for the Nintendo DS. It was released in Japan in October 2005, the United States in Februrary 2006, Australia in March 2006, and in Europe in May 2006


Vibe Island is said to hold mysterious powers. Bowser decides to build a summer villa there in hopes of harnessing its powers. One of his kooplings finds the Vibe Sceptor, Bowser then sends his army of goombas and Hammer Bros. to Peach's castle to capture Mario. When they get there with the Vibe Sceptor, the toad servants are affected by the Vibe Sceptor and they either go happy, sad, angry, or calm. While the toads are running around the Hammer Bros. are capture Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Shortly after the capture Toad escapes back to the castle. He meets up with Princess Peach and Toadsworth. While Toad is explaining the situation to Peach and Toadsworth, you must play a minigame where you push all of the affected toads to the other side of the screen with the stylus. You can play this game when you press the R button and the Start button on the main page. After the minigame is done you get Perry, a talking umbrella with magical powers. In the game Peach and Perry go through eight worlds and rescue three toads in each stage. There is six stages in each world. Each world has one boss.

World #- name of world- boss

World1- Ladida Plains- Giant Pirahana Plant

World 2 - Hoo's Woods- Hoo

World 3- Shriek Mansion- King Boo

World 4- Fury Vocano- Wiggler

World 5- Wavy Beach- Glooper Blooper

World 6- Gleam Glacier- Blizzaurus

World 7- Giddy Sky- Giant Kamek- get Luigi

World 8- Bowser's Villa- Army Hammer Bro and Bowser

Once Peach confronts Bowser at his villa and defeats the Hammer Bro. You will have to beat Bowser. Once he spits out bombs throw them up into his eyes. Once Peach wins Mario breaks free of his cage and Peach kisses him. He then gives her a bunch of flowers.

Other FoesEdit

There is a foe called Walruss that resembles a walrus is found only in a level on Gleam Glacier. He comes out and suprises Peach, but all you have to do is hit him multiple times with Perry. The Glossary entry says "Apparently spends time on the ice eating snow cones." There is also a calm Walruss in the background of Gleam Glacier, but it doesn't attack you and doesn't mention it in the glossary.

The Starfish is a very elusive and hard foe to beat. It is a reference to the game Starfy as the glossary says, "A star-shaped foe rumored to be the prince of a kingdom?" Starfy is in fact a prince of a kingdom. You can only find him in 2-5 in Hoo's Woods, 5-5 in Wavy Beach, and 6-4 in Gleam Glacier.


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