Daisy is Princess Peach's best friend and the ruler of Sarasaland. 
250px-PeachDaisy MP9

Peach and Daisy's official artwork in Mario Party 8


Daisy has an affinity for orange and yellow. She usually has on a dress that is simialar to Peach's only it is in different shades of orange and yellow. She has red hair similar to Peach's. A crown of teal and white flowers which are her emblem. They also appear on her dress with white elbow length gloves. Her primary sports outfit is a tank top with her emblem on it, short orange shorts, and yellow and orange tennis shoes. Her soccer uniform is in shades of orange and yellow with her emblem on it. Also she has orange cleets. In Mario Kart Wii, Daisy's machbike wear is similar to Peach's with an orange and white striped body suit, orange gloves and boots. Unlike Peach Daisy never has her hair back.

Daisy in gamesEdit

Princess Daisy first debuted in Super Mario Land, where she takes the role of Peach as the damsel in distress. The neighboring land of Sarasaland is invaded by an evil alien named Tatanga. He steals Princess Daisy and Mario must go through a quest to rescue her. Later Daisy made a cameo apperance in NES Open Tournament Golf. She is not a playable character, but is Luigi's caddy, as Peach is Mario's caddy. They both send remarks to them telling them not to give up. Daisy made her first playable appearence in Mario Tennis. She has, of course, a flower power. She then, in regular intervals, appears in almost every Mario game after that as a playable character.


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