Welcome to the page that mocks the majority of Gamefaqs mods. Feel free to add to this list of mods or suck ups and if you can't find anything negative about them, make up some bullshit excuse to make them a bad person.

The ModsEdit

Mith - the idiotic noob mod who apparently is the NSA. Made fun of those who say these mods don't know shit. Great modding guy.

stahlbaum - the lowlife mod. You can tell he has no life because of the date he joined. Yeah, like that means anything. Sometimes uses fail argument and then bans you because "he's right."

Error1355 - not a GameFAQs mod...

Crazymaori - thinks he's perfect. Posts pointless links to even attempt to be funny.

Lady_Ninane - another noob mod. You can see where this is going.

Cataclysms - the mod that mocks you because he's more superior than you. Enjoys being a smartass.

Mike1494 - this guy stalks you with the amount of times you've been banned with the same IP.

super_luigi16 - the mod that stalks the Wii U boards. People enjoy sucking off from this guy's dick. Another noob mod as well, that really shouldn't surprise anybody by now. Makes matters worse that he's a Luigi fanboy, so like all Luigi fanboys, a Luigi hate comment will make him asshurt for the entire night.

OTACON120 - the unfair mod who likes to use bullshit logic to ban somebody.

RaptorLC - terrible suggestions that lead to more moderations. Probably to troll anybody that's not a mod.

List of mod fanboysEdit

These guys just like to be total suck ups to the mods.

-Gavirulax- - because this guy acts like he's perfect, he acts like a total suck up to the mods and sucks their dick. Another blowjob joke, that's very original of me. Defends them of their bullshit.

SmashFaqs wikiEdit

Because I know you guys are stalkers, feel free to steal this and paste it to your own wiki. ;)

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