A special forme of bowling reserved for only the most elite and richest of the richest. Throwing a bowling ball ever so accurately across a one-inch or shorter trimmed lawn of fresh greens at it's finest~


The gang


  • BleuPeachClone ~ Ze French Beauty
  • GodeuirRosaline ~ Ze expert gutter ball champion
  • ToastedToadette ~ People mistake her head as a bowling ball and throw her across the lanes often
  • Michaeloll ~ Discoverer of the Lawn Bowling Club
  • Morgan Von Vebb ~ Publisher of Lawn Bowling Weekly, he is reporting the practice of Lawn Bowling down to the Turkey


  • Radoree ~ Ze servante and slave of ze lovely Toadette, he helps hand her napkins to wipe away her tears

Toadette, Rosalina, Peach, and Daisy posing!

Bowling BallsEdit

The Bowling Balls sparkle and shine against the sun's rays like none other. Only the most purest and cosmetical bowling ball colous are selected to play with~

  • Platinum Orange Daisy Ball
  • Pink Gold Peach Ball
  • Cobalt Black Ball
  • Space Cosmos Galaxy Ball
  • Pink Wendy Bling Ball

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